Our outpatient clinic and the Department for Visceral Surgery at the Klinik Josephinum is specialized on diseases of the abdomen and provides out- and inpatient surgical treatment for the entire field of visceral and abdominal surgery including proctology, hernia surgery, as well as surgery of the gall bladder. Prof. Dr. Michael Kasparek and Dr. Irmgard Weindl are the heads of the Department of General and Visceral Surgery of the Klinik Josephinum and provide a long experience and offer a broad spectrum of operations, that are carried out in minimal invasive techniques whenever possible, leading to the best results for our patients.

Acute and chronic abdominal pain or complaints are very common symptoms leading to the consultation of a physician. These symptoms require a thorough workup to allow an exact diagnosis and successful treatment. This can be achieved by our specialists and the environment of the Klinik Josephinum.

Our advice: Abdominal pain and bowel problems have to be taken seriously and should lead to the consultation of a specialist. Early diagnosis and subsequent treatment are of utmost importance in order to achieve a good prognosis and healing.


Visceral Surgery

We provide a broad spectrum of abdominal operations e.g. in order to treat colorectal cancer, diverticulitis, chronic inflammatory bowel disease and appendicitis.

Hernia Surgery

The repair of groin, femoral, umbilical hernias and hernias following abdominal surgery, so-called incisional hernias, is the aim of hernia surgery.

Gallbladder Surgery

If gallstones are causing symptoms like pain, colic, or inflammation, the gallbladder together with the stones inside should be removed by minimal-invasive surgery.


Several operations in abdominal surgery do not require in-patient treatment, but can be performed as ambulant or outpatient surgery. Specifically, “Minor Surgery”, e.g. removal of an epidermal cyst, an adipose tumor (lipoma), or the operation of an ingrown nail can very often be performed in local anesthesia and patients can be discharged home directly after surgery. But even after procedures that are carried out under general anesthesia, e.g. the repair of a groin hernia, patients can very often leave the hospital on the day of surgery after a couple of hours of observation. However, we would like to see you again in our outpatient clinic a few days later in order to follow-up on you and the results of the operation.


Prof. Dr. Kasparek and Dr. Weindl offer the knowledge and experiences from their long-lasting work at two of the biggest surgical departments in Germany and use their professional competence and experience to treat their patients in the friendly environment of the Klinik Josephinum. A crucial advantage for the patient is the continuous treatment by the same surgeon. Starting from the first visit in our outpatient clinic, as well as during surgery and the postoperative course in our hospital, until the postoperative examination as an outpatient, our patients are always seen by the same surgeon. This prevents the loss of important information, optimizes treatment, and ensures a maximum of safety and well-being for our patients.


Prof. Dr. med. Michael Kasparek

Specialist for General and Visceral Surgery Colorectal Surgeon (European Board of Surgical Qualification) Proctologist Emergency physician

Dr. med. Irmgard Weindl

Specialist for General and Visceral Surgery
Emergency physician

About our Clinic and Hospital

In our outpatient clinic and the Department of Visceral Surgery at the Klinik Josephinum in the heart of Munich we provide a broad spectrum of operations with state-of-the-art surgical techniques. Whenever possible, procedures are carried out by minimal-invasive techniques. For our patients, this means the smallest possible trauma in combination with best surgical results. We treat patients with public health and private insurance.

Why you are in best hands:


Even though guidelines and studies are important in medical decision-making, we believe that the patient and his individual situation is of utmost importance when we are making an individual treatment plan. In this way, we want to address your personal wishes and questions and also your fears and sorrows in order to build-up confidence and to assure an optimal surgical treatment for you.

What our patients are saying

You find our outpatient clinic in the Klinik Josephinum in the heart of Munich. Thanks to the location, the clinic can easily be reached with public transportation.

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